V12 S600

This is the first Google review I’ve ever done, but just have to say something about the stupendous after -sales service I have just received from Tim Purslow Mercedes.

I bought a rare V12 S600 as a used car from Tim Purslow at the beginning of October. In the last month I haven’t been driving very much (for obvious reasons) and the car developed battery charging issues. Finally, 5 days ago, it just wouldn’t start and I had to call out the RAC. Turns out the issue wasn’t the battery but the alternator.

I’d assumed that the used-car warranty was only going to be 3 months but when I checked the paperwork, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was actually 6 months, meaning that I was still covered.The company accepted the repair was covered under the warranty without any quibbling or passing me around the houses. The same person who took the call authorised the repair. I was not even put on hold at any point. The only problem was driving the car there as the RAC had said that even with the brand new battery they had fitted, such a powerful car should not be driven more than 10 miles without an alternator recharging the battery and I live 80 miles away.

Instead of using this as a get-out-of-jail-free card on the repair, Tim Purslow Mercedes not only arranged recovery of my vehicle but dropped off a brand new E220 for use as a courtesy car. Moreover, this all happened on the same day, within about 4 hours of my initial call.

Each day since, the same technician who arranged recovery of my vehicle has called to update me on the repair and – despite the loss of a day waiting for the new alternator to arrive – my car was repaired and ready for collection yesterday afternoon.

I am now back at home with my vehicle only 4 days after a very serious breakdown. This level of classy service is at another level, going well beyond 5 star and anything you could get at a regular Mercedes dealership by any reasonable measure. As such, I cannot speak too highly of Tim Purslow Mercedes. Keep up the great work!