Tom Devine (September 2016)

E350BlueTEC AMG Line Estate (BL64DAO)

I’ve done about 2,400 miles in it now since collecting it from you and am really starting to bond with it. The two things that really stand out compared to the other cars I’ve had in the past are; first, just how quiet it is; and secondly, the amazingly smooth ride on bumpy country roads. The combination of the two makes it a very relaxing car to travel in. The steering is also very uncorrupted compared to other cars. Performance wise, I’ve found it to be more than ample on the couple of occasions when I’ve overtaken a tractor. The relaxing ride probably means I’m wafting along more then pressing on it. The economy has been very good. I’ve had three tanks of 39 mpg for mixed driving, and one of 44mpg with a couple of long distance trips. So the car is very good.

The unexpected and fantastic bit, however, was the Rory Davidson/Tim Purslow approach. The testimonials on your website sum it up better than I can, but I do think that the way you and Tim do things is very, very rare and far beyond most people’s expectations. It makes the car buying/changing process very straight-forward and worry free. In a very positive way, it felt far more like a business to business transaction than a consumer transaction to me. No fluff and nonsense, just very clear and relevant communication and advice. And complete reliability is everything you said you’d attend to was done in full (and beyond) and swiftly. Rather than the usual trepidation I have in main dealer servicing, I am now looking forward to putting the car back in your hands for servicing in the months and years ahead.

Thank you very much indeed for all you did to help Nikki and I with the new car. After the X5 engine debacle, it was very welcome to happen upon you and your high standards to move forward with the next car.