Richard Hancock (October 2015)


I have never used anyone other than my local Mercedes Benz main dealer in the twenty-five years that I’ve been buying their cars but the engineers at Tim Purslow are THAT good that I’ve changed my mind, and here’s why. Our ML developed the infamous ‘brake pedal hiss’ a worrying and noticeable air leak from the region of the brake servo that we could hear every time we used the foot brake pedal. The obvious fear was that this was not good and that our family car was now unsafe. With repeated use, a rubber seal eventually splits and this affects the integrity of the brake servo operation.

The received wisdom is that the brake servo contains no serviceable parts and therefore cannot be repaired, only replaced at great expense. I Googled the symptoms and from my limited research I was initially depressed to see that a) it has occurred in various models of MB cars and b) no-one had a cure although one was hinted at. Now, I’m not a frustrated or gifted engineer but the logic didn’t make sense, so having had one of their flyers placed on my car, I rang Rory and explained that, in my opinion, it might be fixed without replacing the whole servo but I would need some ‘proper’ old fashioned engineers to test the theory. We agreed that if I could track down a part then they would be pleased to attempt a fix. This conversation would not have had the same outcome if I had approached my usual Main Dealer, who although highly trained do not have the same flexibility that Tim’s teams do.

I sourced the part for a few pounds (so little that the overseas postage was half the total cost) and with some preparation from the Purslow engineers and I, the whole procedure was completed in a couple of hours and the total bill was between a third and a quarter (depending on where you get the fix applied) of a Main Dealer price. I can’t rate these guys high enough.”