Paul Klinger (April 2017)

SL500 AMG Sport (M9PMK)

After 2 months I’m completely delighted with my SL500. It’s absolutely living up to my expectations and I’m really pleased to have one of the cars I’ve always desired. No problems whatsoever so far (hopefully not tempting fate by saying that!).

I have really enjoyed my dealings with Tim Purslow Ltd to date and have always found you and Tim to be very responsive to anything I’ve needed. I will only ever do repeat business with a company I like and which delivers a great service, which yours definitely does.

I will certainly be in touch when the next service falls due and will want to have my car maintained by you if at all possible.

I am very happy to be cited as a reference for your company on the basis of the services I’ve received so far, the excellent facilities you have, the general friendliness and attitude of all those I’ve met, and the attention to detail when a car is prepared for collection after purchase or any work done subsequently.