ML350BlueTEC AMG Sport (PK63KWB)

ML350BlueTEC AMG Sport (PK63KWB)

What a great experience, a great car (fully loaded ML350) and a great price. Tim is a real

gentleman and obviously takes great pride in the cars he sells.

I had been to view several cars supposedly in excellent condition from other dealers including

MB dealerships and had been very disappointed with them. The issues I had found ranged from cracked screens to dents and deep scratches, maybe I am fussy but to me this is not excellent condition.

Making long journeys to view cars with a 3 year old only to be disappointed is very disheartening

and after finding the ideal spec for sale at Tim Purslow and reading the many positive reviews, I called the office and spoke with Tim himself. I voiced my concerns and he straight away put me at ease and told me that I won’t find a better prepared car(s).

We made the journey down and true to his word, what we found was a car in pristine condition,

Tim even took my wife and I on separate test drives( which took him well past closing time) as my son was bored and being very naughty. The car drove as good as it looks and the rest is history.

I am really not someone that gets involved with reviews but the whole experience was so positive

I felt I had to share.

Believe me, after you experience the same you will be writing your own reviews. Thanks again

Tim and once again I am sorry for the way my son ran riot in your beautiful showroom. Good luck and I will see you in a year when it’s time for the service.