Why service my Land Rover or Range Rover at Tim Purslow?

It is absolutely your choice. We have the same Land Rover supplied diagnostic equipment, online technical information and parts systems as a main dealer. Our technicians are professionally trained and qualified, and our competence is highly regarded. The only difference is that because we choose to remain independent, we do not carry out manufacturers warranty repairs, although we can arrange to have any warranty work carried out for you.


Our labour cost is substantially less than a main dealer. Similarly, our oil costs are very reasonable and we continue to use Mobil.


Dependent on location, we can arrange to collect your car and we also have prestige courtesy cars available at no additional charge, which are fully insured.

Alternatively, if you would prefer to wait while any work is carried out on your car, you can do so in comfort with Sky TV channels at your disposal along with free, high speed internet access.


There are no bonus schemes in our workshops. Our technicians are tasked with only one objective – to work in the best interests of our customers, at all times. Our technicians are not rushed, in order to ensure that they have the time to identify those difficult to find intermittent faults, yet we only use published Land Rover manufacturers workshop times for charging purposes. For example, if the Land Rover factory time to replace front brake discs on a particular model is one hour, then that is what we charge.

We have no parts targets. We just supply the parts required for the jobs we are doing. When we advise a part is required, we encourage our customers to come along and be shown exactly what we are doing by talking to the technician doing the job. They will be pleased to explain exactly why replacement was required.

Service History

If your Land Rover does not have a service book, we always update the online service records for your car that are held by the manufacturer. We will also provide you with a genuine Land Rover service sheet copy after every service for your records.


We will give you an accurate price for your service or repairs if you telephone, provided we are given the registration or chassis number of your vehicle. We can then interrogate the electronic service records and find out exactly what your vehicle needs and quote accordingly.

Sometimes our customers will say that they have been quoted less by a main dealer, but that is due to the dealer using a menu pricing system without looking at the actual history of the car. The resulting quote is therefore often for just a basic service.

We quote having looked at your exact vehicle history and we will include all that is due, which may be a change of pollen filter, brake fluid (usually every two years) and fuel and air filter (usually every three or four years). Frequently, it is only when your car is in a main dealer workshop, do they have time to come back to you with the additional requirements and cost estimates.


We are one of the few to have installed the very latest Bosch 3D wheel alignment equipment, which is the most accurate for setting suspension and tracking angles as well as wheel alignment.

We also use the most accurate German manufactured tyre and wheel balancing machines and source our tyres from Micheldever Tyres and Stapletons, two of the industry’s largest wholesalers, to ensure that our prices are the most competitive.

We also have the latest Bosch Air Conditioning service and repair system, using both the established R44 and the newer R12 refrigerants.


We can also have your alloy wheels completely refurbished to ‘as new’ standard, which means sending the wheels away for a week. This should not be confused by comparison to the very inferior in-situ type of repair we see so often.

No Compromise

Road wheels are removed at every service and a copper grease is applied to the hub to avoid the corrosive effect of dissimilar metals being in contact with each other. This also allows us to check the condition of the brake pads, and measure the disc accurately.

But, perhaps the best way to decide whether you should use our services is just to call in. We will be delighted to show you around and answer any questions you may have.